Opening The Shutters

Lets look at “Opening the Shutters”  Lets look at the beauty that is so easily forgotten, that same beauty which happens to be surrounding us every day.

This beauty has many forms, and i don’t know how you see this beauty, but i am sure you see it.

When i woke up this morning, i had the grand idea of changing my original blogging idea to this  idea, so i deleted my blog and started this one instead (my old blog, mind you, was only a few hours old haha)

i wanted this blog to look at and digest the idea of “Opening the Shutters’ to view of the world outside, lets look at the world outside together, share our thoughts and views, lets explore the world outside together.

So what beauty do you see?

When i woke up this morning, my heart was filled with anticipation, excitement and wonder, just at the idea of actually starting this blog.  i have never even thought about doing anything like this, and the fact that i will try it out, write and share, is beauty within itself.

The photo is one I took a few years ago, of my gorgeous best friend Rocky, looking out of our bedroom window.  


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