Blossom (possibly unfinished)

Soft blooms, curved over in many shapes, not knowing which is the right way to form Sad old wilted memories, causing dying leaves to fall Regrowth of the new, stems and flowers forming Awaiting the water bearer, growing to blossom – S J B


Embraced in our energy Generating unrecordable magnitude, that only we can create Feeling the force fields inside our own atom Keeping us apart from the other universes, its only us Soft and rough hands are fused Opal and terracotta bodies in an unbreakable circle We are magnetism, always, an invisible force of attraction We are…


You’re in as soon as our eyes lightly touch Claw apart my defences with your hard rough hands You don’t even have to really move a muscle I’m standing there, waiting I’m trying to get my spine straight to support my weakness But you…. – S J B

Keep me

If I shred off my skin with my bare fingers Demolish my walls with my fists and crumble my defences with all my strength, annihilate it all If I speak my soul on my tongue Tell love with my mouth and provide safety with my own body, entrust you it all Will that be enough…

Yellow Locks

I won’t let my hair down this time for you to climb. You try to butter me up like the colour of my yellow locks But I won’t throw my hair down like you throw me away I won’t let you get in me, no matter what you say You sweet talk me like the…

Choose our fate

My heart will either be stone cold by the time you accept it, or in a furnace, burning and alight with another’s love. You, only you, choose our fate. – S J B


Too many colours, they make it so messy Not clear or precise, or a bold statement like yours Not on paper, or the usual materials you use Splattered everywhere, no definition A far splendor from the likes of kin Careless strokes, no straight lines A beautiful cast of unwavering paths Work of art is so…


And I can not love someone who doesn’t send my heart into an eruption and cause my blood to feel like lava in my very body. -S J B

Little little weeds

And in the morning, when my head is tangled over with little little weeds, wrapping around each other, I won’t be able to think clearly. And that’s when I can make my biggest mistakes. – S J B Image from Brain Diaries