Flu and awareness

I have been sick with this flu, and I have been feeling extra sorry for myself as you naturally do when you feel yukky and because I have been too physically weak and aching everywhere, I haven’t been moving.

I think when you’re sick you notice the connection between your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual state more so.

I have been worried about different things, none that I can directly control and I have somewhat forgot to make time for myself.

So in a way, having this flu has reminded me I need to meditate more, and remind myself daily of all my blessings.

Healthy purely isn’t a one sided thing, it’s a mixture of physical, emotional and spiritual health


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  1. Nice observations! The flu (and colds in my experience) tend to make us feel extra yucky and crappy. Hope you get better!

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  2. Mr. Mel says:

    When your health is gone you truly understand the value of it. Thank you Sar for sharing.

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  3. Sar says:

    It’s very true Mr. Mel

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  4. Sar says:

    They sure do! Luckily I feel faintly human today, yay haha


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