China and the slow wifi

I haven’t been able to log on to share my stories and photos of the places I have been so far over here, which was my original plan and mission to achieve.

To my surprise the wifi is shockingly bad over here, maybe because the amount of people who live here, over 1.38 billion, but who knows? If you do, please fill me in!

I’m currently on a Yangtze River Cruise, and the 300 or so local Chinese people also on the cruise, have all gone on a shore excursion, so what better time to sit in the lobby and quickly write this up, and also explain why I haven’t been active on here and reading your blogs!

I still have another week or so here, I always lose track of time and days when I’m on holidays, followed by another holiday in QLD Australia, so I will be super busy writing more when I get back home.


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  1. Kasturee says:

    I don’t think that could be the reason. The whole country doesn’t share just one wifi, do they? XD Different wifi, with different plans, have different speeds. Maybe where you are has a slow wifi.


  2. Sar says:

    Haha I know! I was figuring that because the population is so huge, not including the tourists, e.g. So many people staying in the same hotels as me, using the same wifi, that is why the wifi was so bad ๐Ÿ™‚


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