Midnight snack 

I shuffled to the fridge, grabbed the bottle of garlic aoli.

Then I went for the grain bread and tipped the aoli onto the bread, and ate it.

It obviously wasn’t enough..

I snatched the Cadbury chocolate mint and Oreo and devoured a row.

To finish it off I took a few swigs of milk straight from the bottle.

Reality slowly started to sink in, and I instantly thought “I don’t take swigs from the milk bottle!”

It was 12:11am and this was my little subconcious midnight snack, I wasn’t fully aware or conscious of what I was actually doing, I was awake though.

Every few months this kind of thing happens, I have subconscious midnight snacks, is it because of hormones, or because my brain is too active?  Who knows?

I am also curious to know, does anyone else enjoy the random subconscious midnight snack?


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  1. I don’t. But it was fun reading about such a thing. XD

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  2. Sar says:

    Oh it was something different lol! And it took a long time to get back to sleep again haha!

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