Manly Aquarium Shark Dive

In January 2017 we went diving with some sharks, stingrays and turtles!

What an incredible experience! This is a huge must do while in Manly.

Our instructors were fantastic, they were helpful, reassuring and made the dive easy and such a great adventure.

We geared up and had a quick run through of the important stuff which I didn’t even remember once I got into the water haha.

I had my hands out, flapping around, even possibly trying to subconsciously touch the sharks and rays the whole time (which I am sure was one of the “not to do” rules) but anyway, I scored a shark tooth to take home.

The dive itself went so fast, but was well worth every moment!

Being in the water with so many beautiful animals is such an unforgettable moment, it was so quiet and peaceful down below.

This was an awesome experience, and we hope to go back and dive again! But next time actually feed the sharks and turtles which would be another amazing experience!

So if you’re in Manly NSW Australia you NEED to do this! 


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  1. Looks unbelievable, although the shark in the pic at the bottom is terrifyingly ugly haha.

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  2. Sar says:

    Hahaha it definitely looks unique haha 🙂

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