My packing for traveling dilemma 

Packing while on a Pacific Island Cruise 2009

Ah, so the time is nearly here that I have to start thinking about packing my suitcase, I have 17 days to pack for China in the spring season.

The reason why this is such a big issue for me is because I am a well known over packer! And my extra large suitcase always weighs a lot.          

Plus I decide to always try on every piece of clothing I have concluded I “might take” which takes hours and hours to go through; mixing and matching and then the accessories and then the shoes etc.

I honestly wish I could be a “chuck a few bits in” type of packer like my partner, but unfortunately there is no way my obsessiveness and personality would allow that.. what if I don’t feel like wearing what I packed on a particular day? What if I don’t feel like wearing red? I might need that hat one day over there!

And the fact that I only wear dresses because I hate pants, and have only started to wear skirts in the last month makes it even more trickier, I am a very fussy and moody dresser and I am limited by my stubbornness about the types of clothing I wear.

So getting back to the point, I always have to start packing a few weeks earlier to get myself prepared, to start sorting out the “might wear” pieces, then checking and confirming the selected pieces all the way up to the departure day and by then of course, my mood has changed which then changes the whole delicate selection once more.

So, I find my over zealous ambition to pack the exact right things that will compliment my unknown mood on a particular day in the near future whilst being overseas, nearly impossible to work with! 

But alas, what can I do? I have always been this way even when I am not planning and packing to travel, and no matter how hard I have tried to simplify the process, I just can’t seem to bring myself to make it easier for myself, I am a creature of habit and moodiness. 

I don’t even have a suitcase yet! My favourite pink floral suitcase is unfortunately on its last legs and there’s no way I will be lugging a broken suitcase around!

So I am off to start the astronomical task of packing for a 4 week holiday and to find a suitable suitcase I like the look of!

Who else has this dilemma, or am I just a weirdo?


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  1. queencloak says:

    I can relate to this. My husband keeps telling me not to bring I won’t use. But how do I know? Haha.

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  2. queencloak says:

    *not to bring something I won’t use


  3. Sar says:

    Haha exactly! You just never know do you haha! Glad to hear I’m not the only one with these struggles haha!

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  4. flamingkate says:

    I am so bad at this. No I have never used that make-up pallet but what if I want to when i’m away?
    I am going travelling in 3 weeks and seriously need to figure out what I actually need and what I really don’t!


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