Let’s not destroy little pieces of the world as we visit them

I recently read a National Geographic article about the famous swimming pigs in the Bahamas.

7 of the gorgeous little animals have been found dead, and there could possibly be more deaths.  Nat Geo have claimed veterinarians found large traces of sand in their stomachs.

The post that I am writing now, can be somewhat related to my last post about how so many tourists and travelers, rush off to see the most publicized places posted all over social media.

It is said in the Nat Geo article that a pig owner, who is responsible for pigs on the island, blames increased tourism for the death of these animals, he says tourists feed the pigs beer and rum among other foods/drinks.

The sand found in the pigs stomachs was ingested due to so many tourists throwing food on the sand, and the sand was eaten along with the food.

As I stated before in my last blog, tourists, I feel, can be mindless, they see a popular picture on Instagram, they want to go there and get photos also, and they unknowingly do much more damage to the environment, the animals and to that little piece of the world than they realize.  All for the sake of posting a photograph on social media.

If you are a traveler, please be mindful of your actions, the article states that in the 2015 ranking of wildlife attractions, two to four million people pay for wildlife experiences which are harmful to animals and the environment.

As an animal lover and a traveler, this infuriates me, and I ask others like me, to help raise awareness of this issue, be mindful, talk to others and help support animal friendly practices any way you can, when you are currently traveling or not.

Let’s not destroy little pieces of the world as we visit them.

National Geographic http://news.nationalgeographic.com/2017/03/swimming-pigs-bahamas-death/


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