Travel destinations – Make your own

Don’t go where they show you to go, go where YOU want to go!

I am so sick of seeing Instagram showing us where we should travel too, what we should see, where we should stay.                                                    “go here for the bluest ocean, go here for the best luxury hotel, go here for the better place to take your photo” 

I was browsing Instagram and honestly saw about 5 photos of the same hostel pool in my feed posted by different travel accounts.            I mean come on, there is more in this world to inspire travelers than a hostel pool.

Don’t get me wrong, seeing new places on Instagram is inspiring, but I think we still need to walk on different paths.

I’m going to tell you my opinion now, and say…..                                                 

Find a little family boutique villa or accommodations a few people have heard of before, instead of the 50 million other people looking at the exact same Instagram pic and location planning to go there too.                    Go the to place you like the look and sound of, go the place that suits your style and vibe, heck I even chose a place once because it had an orange interior theme, my favourite colour! 

How about you chose your own where to go for whatever reasons you have or want!

Don’t buy into over used, washed out, biased promotional holidays, vacations and places, posted all over Instagram.

Create your own.


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