Unforgettable travel moments 

I have more than just one unforgettable travel moment, but the one I want to talk about here, is that time back in November 2010 when I went to Egypt, now I loved Egypt entirely, but one place shall stay with me forever..

The Temple of Isis 

The island also homes The Temple of Hathor and The Temple of Horus.

I remember walking onto the island on which the temples were rebuilt, stone by stone and feeling a magical pull, an indescribable feeling of love and wonder, I walked around for hours just trying to work out this bizarre feeling I was experiencing, I touched temple walls and tried not to cry while trying to control the overwhelming feelings I felt, it is one feeling I will never forget.

Unfortunately I was young, 26 at the time and 7 years seems like such a long time ago and I regret not taking more photos, and the ones I have seem so old and outdated, I don’t dare try and edit them.

I will never forget her temple.  I have always held a strong sense of love and longing for the beautiful and mesmerizing Egypt and when it is safer to experience this place of magic and love again I hope to return.

Have you been to The Temple of Isis? If so please tell me about your experience 



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