Dungog Road trip

img_8002We recently went on a little one day adventure, to a place not far away from us here in Newcastle NSW Australia.            


Royal Hotel
If you love quaint little country towns, and extremely quiet (almost deserted) main roads then this is the place for you to visit!    I  love being in a new little place, where there is nothing to do, except have a beer, eat a good pub meal, admire the old local buildings, especially the churches,  built in the early 1900’s, and maybe have a game of pool.  There is just something about that old charm.


Anyhow, after a fairly long drive (I think we went the long way) We arrived at the Royal Hotel located on the main road, we devoured  a huge chicken and salad lunch (for a great price) outside in the garden area, with beer, we then had a game of pool, ADVENTURE COMPLETE!


On the drive back to Newcastle, I veered off on to some unknown road, and was lucky enough that this road followed along the train line!  I have a love of photographing train tracks, but, i always drive past a good photo spot and say “oh awesome” before i actually think to stop the car.  Regardless, I was able take a few pics.







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